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Re: Crossfitting after a Spinal Fusion

Originally Posted by Heather Imielinski View Post
I had L5/S1 Disc degeneration in 2005 and I received a total disc replacement. It was less recovery time then a fusion. Is that an option for you?
Thanks Heather,

Unfortunately I have to have a disk replacement and a 360 degree spinal fusion. I'll have both operations one week apart. I have spondylolisthesis L4/L5. I'm trying to find out what level of training I'll be able to get back to what kind of time frame. There are lots of blogs and video diaries of people who've had the same op and they don't make for pleasant reading but the majority of them seem to be live sedentary lives, both before and after the op and most don't help themselves physically or nutritionally.

I think that starting from a reasonably fit position pre-op and hitting the rehab post-op in a careful, planned but progressive manner, along with great nutrition I could make a good recovery, but it would be good to hear from anyone else who is very active (CrossFit or any other sporting discipline) and has has the same or similar op.

Great to hear you recovered well from your disk replacement. How long did that take?
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