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Re: The importance of 3 in 3x5

Originally Posted by Colin McLafferty View Post
This is exactly why I was wondering about this. I did SS for awhile, stalled, then did CFFB and now I'm stalling on all my lifts (can only hit partial reps) and am making really slow progress. I might just go back to SS since it's been so long but I dont know if I'm still a "novice" and if SS would work.
I personally think that SS or any other novice progress usually stalls not because the person has truly exhausted their gains, but because they are satisfied with the weight they have gained and want to stop the fat gain. In hindsight, I could have progressed much farther with SS than I did.

I personally stopped making progress on 3x5's, but I probably could have continued progress on 5x3's for quite a while. That's still novice progress. The real shame is that when you are still a rank novice you don't have the sense to know how to manipulate variables until you've truly milked it for all it's worth.

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