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Re: The importance of 3 in 3x5

Originally Posted by Jesse Gray View Post
I don't think it's a right or wrong thing, just different approaches. I personally don't like the 5X5 approach because I think the volume is is a bit much to recover from but it clearly works for some people. My personal observation for inter-adv lifters is that arounds 30 reps per week of any given lift is just about right which works out to 2 days of 3X5 per lift (5X3 for the oly stuff).
Really, with intermediate and advanced lifters, you are trying to figure out ways to break through plateaus. A 3X5 is a 3X5, it places a certain amount of stress on the body. Just doing it over and over again in the wrong type of program won't get you anywhere. At a certain point sets, reps, loads and anything else you can think of needs to jumbled around to prevent G.A.S. (general adaptation syndrome) Nobody wants gas!
I see what you are saying, and completely agree on the 5x5 front. I never cared for texas method, starr, etc...

30 reps/week of loading >80% is exactly what it takes for me to make progress.
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