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I have found that this type of discussion on a Cross Fit message board is about as pointless as discussing a topic relating to religion and Christianity. The majority of the people on this site are Paleo or Zone advocates who feel meat is a necessity. The majority of the people on this site also feel that we evolved or are descendants of an ape, fish, amoeba, or possibly even a flying spaghetti monster (as some will use to make fun of Christians and those of organized religion). I have posted questions regarding both topics of vegetarian diet and religion in the past and while some information was helpful, I actually came away with very contradicting information and no conclusive decisions. I was more confused than when I started.


You will most likely NOT find the answers that you are looking for here. My best suggestion is to do a scholarly search through some medical journals and university studies. Still you may not be able to come to a decisive conclusion through the use of these other sites either. In searching for material like this, a person can find many opinions, study results, and research that somewhat or totally contradict each other. The decision is going to have to come from you and the choice that you feel most strongly about. I am working my way to a vegan diet and here is what I have found so far in my research in scholarly searches and university tests in regards to what vegan diets lack:

1) B-12 (supplement with a multivitamin at one time in the day and a B-12 supplement later in the day)

2) Vitamin D & Calcium (many soy milks are fortified as well as orange juices; take a supplemental vitamin and if you get adequate amounts of daily sun exposure your body will naturally produce vitamin D)

3) Omega-3 Fatty Acids (a good source is flax oil and finely ground flax seed)

Hope this helps. Good luck on your informational searches.
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