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Re: Gymnastics CF hybrid?

I guess my other posts were kind of scatter brained, but basically I am asking this:

What should my work schedule be in my current situation:
1. I have access to the gymnastic gym Monday-Thursday from 8:00-10:30 PM
2. I have access to a normal gym at all times
3. I do not anticipate having enough time to do 2 and a half hours of gymnastics AND something else on Monday-Thursday, so I won't be able to do something in the morning then that gymnastics at night.

and with my current goals:
1. I am not looking to compete in gymnastics
2. I am doing this mostly for the upper body strength, coordination, and core strength that I will develop doing so, even if I never reach a level where I could even consider competeing.
3. However I am Looking to progress through the skills (basically taking my friend's advice and coaching on what to learn first etc)

So I am interested in which gymnastic events I should focus on, whether I should do strength type training when I am at the Gymastic practices, or just using my elite rings on a squat rack and doing HSPU against the wall at the gym during Friday-Sunday when I won't have access to the full gymnastics gym.

And what type of schedule would you propose? Working all of the events every day? Or doing certain ones each day to allow for some recooperation?

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