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Re: Gymnastics CF hybrid?

Well I am not sure that I want to do all 6 (7) events (they do have a trampoline, but they said they considered it a seperate sport). I was sort of just looking at doing one or two things (Seeing how I have ZERO experience in any, save ring dips during CF, which doesn't really count for anything).

Do you think it would be more beneficial to work on all events and get the benifits from each one? I would be starting from scratch at all of them...And my strength is probably the biggest thing I have going for me. Not that it is amazing or anything, but there is definitely a solid base of strength, and other attributes such as balance and core control are definetely needing improvement.

My goal in doing this is to increase my upper body strength, through the workouts, but developing the balance and core control is probably equally important (and the reason I chose to try gymnastics rather than just strength training to develop the upper comes with the added benifits of the the core control and everything else). So I don't really have a specific skill I am working towards (iron cross, etc), rather than just progressing through as much as I can starting with the simple skills.

I will be able to do this with the friend I mentioned was on the club, so he has offered to kind of coach me up. The other guys on the team will be there as well, and the ones I met seemed like they would be pretty willing to help as well. The first time I went I was just doing dips and pull ups and stuff like that, so I didn't really try anything other the Muscle Ups (got two on my own, and a couple more with spots...but I couldnt seem to keep the rings in tight).
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