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Re: No CF Gyms Between Memphis, TN and Cookville?

Originally Posted by Roxanne McClain View Post
Cost of living is much less here than most other parts of the US, someone with the right business plan and knowledge could come in here and start a box and clean up.
My wife is a trainer who opened a CrossFit gym in the rural town we used to live in. The next nearest box was an hour away. It was definitely an opportunity and a challenge.

- Most people hadn't heard of CrossFit. Why should they pay three times more than going to the local big box gym?
- Low cost of living area means she couldn't charge $150-200 per month. If I remember right the unlimited membership was $75 per month and it went down from there.

If you want to see a box in your area, you should encourage the right person. Meet someone at the gym who is into CrossFit or would get into it. If they have the mindset and opportunity, they could become the newest affiliate.
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