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Roxanne McClain
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No CF Gyms Between Memphis, TN and Cookville?

I have been a proud CF addict for several months and just don't get why there are so many boxes in so few areas. All the boxes in TN are either in Memphis or all the way east over near Cookeville, TN. Hello? The Three-Peat Fittest Man on Earth is from TN. Why doesn't someone open a box near, oh lets just say, Selmer,TN?
I work out in the hubs stinky garage, after working a full time job, and running 3 boys back and forth to all kinds of different practices and such.
Just saying, if a mother of 3 and business owner can find the time between house work, laundry, homework, and running a business, you would think CF is big enough that someone would open a box instead of making me WOD alone in a super hot or super cold garage.
Someone open a box so I can work out with someone else
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