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Exertion Headache


I know there are a few threads about this knocking aorund, but I was hoping for some information from anybody that has been through this.

I got my first one on Friday re-doing an old open WOD (I think it was 11.4) with 60 burpees, 30 OHS and 10 MU. During the OHS my left temple started throbbing really bad and I got this weird headache. I was fairly well hydrated, but feel this could have been due to excessive breath holding on the OHS creating too much pressure / tension.

I thought nothing of it and took the Sat off, but my head still felt a bit funny when I was driving around.

On Sunday I went in to train again and the same thing hit me when I tried a bear complex. I grit through one complex then moved on to the next part of the session...

100 burpees to 6" target, the headache returned after 15 burpees but when I switched to step down and up it kinda lessened.

I finished off with a snatch ladder and a 1 mile run and my head was okay so I felt semi cured.

However, this morning when I did some rowing intervals it returned and my head doesn't feel great atm!

I've booked in with the Dr on Wed am, but in the interim I was just hoping for so more information.

Thoughts /Questions

1. Hydration - this appears to be a common cause for some, but I tend to drink quite a lot of water each day and I don't think this is an issue

2. Pre-workout (MP Assault) - this has popped up a few times on the net but I've taken it before with no issues and have taken pre workout for over a year

3. Neck tension - I'm doing an egoscue course at the moment for my posture and get a sports massage every week, so although my neck / shoulders are tight, I don't think this could be the issue

4. Rest - normally I would bite the bullet and take some time off, however I've got a competition at the end of next month and I'm trying to peak my conditioning. Is it best to wait until the symptoms go before training again? How long does this typicaly take, I've heard it can take 3-4 weeks

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