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Re: Unexpected crashing

Originally Posted by Jonathan Slater View Post
This is a post from my blog which details my problem.... and the fitday page referenced in it. Anyone with an idea of what may be lacking, feel free to advise. The fitday page is rough, but it's pretty damn close.

Fitday page WFS

Edit: forgot to mention, I've been eating no grain/dairy/sugar/processed food for thirteen days now. So this bugs me even more.
Alot of folks doing the Anabolic Diet have a big-time crash day between day 9 and 12 of the 12 low-carb days that start the diet. I'm doing it now and crashed at day 10. Virtual Shoveling on Monday like to have killed me. Just no energy at all.

You're eating considerably more carbs than allowed on the AD, but around 100-130 (minus fiber) is still pretty low. I'd bet you're seeing a similar low-carb crash.

The good news is on the AD, people almost look forward to the crash because it means they're adapting to the lower carb levels. After I crashed on VS day, the rest of my week's WOD's were great. Halfway through my carb-up right now, looking forward to Monday.
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