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Why are my squat weights so low?

I one-month new to crossfit, and all of my weights and abilities are terrible but even among them my squat weights are horrendous. They seem out of balance with the rest of my scores.

When we do air squats, I got to 12", which is below parallel, and always do the full number rx'd. I concentrate on form and keep my heels on the ground, head up, lumbar curved. But add a little weight and I can't move.

I am a 38 yr old, 195# man. Doing crossfit total today for the first time, my 1RM on the squat was 132.5#. My DL was 232.5# and my shoulder press was 102.5. Those aren't good, but regardless, shouldn't I be able to squat more than 30# more than I can shoulder press? Shouldn't my squat be more than 60% of my deadlift? Or is that normal?

Any insight at all would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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