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Yell at me about my diet

God, another 'am I eating enough' thread. I know, I know. After I post this I'll go punch myself in the face.

I am male, 43, 6' 2", 199 lbs. Bodyfat is around 12-13%. I don't know max lift numbers (because I am an *awesome* record keeper), but I can tell you that I bench 250 lbs for 5 reps, DL about 325 for 5 and press 135. I squat with 245 for 5, but I have really bad ankles and their mobility, um, needs work.

When I first started CF and 'paleo', I messed myself up: I wasn't eating enough, and as a result I got pretty immunosuppressed. I had WBC numbers come back low, and T was also low (around 300). A the time, I weighed about 187 lbs and had about 11% BF.

All the while, my goal was weight gain.

I figured I had to eat more. So I did. I got bloods re-drawn and my WBC was fine, and T was up to 580.

I'm up to 199 lbs today, which took me a year to get to. I still struggle with how much I have to eat, because I want lean gains, not any more increase in BF.

Part of me wonders if I'm still eating too little, and that's actually making bodyfat hold on instead of be used as fuel. Is that possible?

My goal is to get to 210 lbs and keep bodyfat at 12% or under. My daily calories swing between 2200-3500, with 3500 being the cheat/re-feed day. I want to see more lbs on my main lifts, too. I workout 4x per week, sometimes 5. I did 12 weeks of heavy Starting Strength, and now I'm on Dan John's 40-day Workout/Easy Strength (WFS) as a de-load phase.

Any suggestions? Am I on the right track? Will Katherine come in and tell me I need to eat more, like everyone else who posts these threads? Did you REALLY read all of this?

You guys are great.

Right. Off to punch myself in the face now.

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