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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Good Work Gents!! Tim have fun, ignore work this weekend!! I know I need to do the same!!

4.18.2018 Wednesday
3 Rounds:
Run 400m
80ft. Handstand Walk (across gym is 20' so 4 times across)
bear crawl 5 times.
tried to practice Handstand walk, cant do it like I did in my pole-vaulting days at 19-21 yrs. old. We ran the 400M hard. 1:15 and less!!


Pull Ups

did it RX, lots of pull-ups 14:37, kids were getting done in 8-11min.

4.19.2018 Thursday-
WU: RUN 400M then
10 PVC Pass thurs
15 air-squats
10 Dips
20 Lunges
50 Sit-ups


Build to a Heavy Set of 2
Followed By…
3 Sets of 7 @ 80% of the above load.
Got to 285lb 2x, then did 300lb 1x, Been like a year since I hit the 300lb mark.

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Toes to Bar
9 Hang Power Cleans (165/115) 95lb for me
20 Kettlebell Weighted Walking Lunge

Lunges Completed with (2) 53/35 Kettlebells:
Round 1 – Farmers Walk (By Sides)
Round 2 – Front Rack Walk (Shoulders)
Round 3 – Overhead

OV Head lunge was tuff, I pulled in the top of my right Quad with 2 lunges to go. Sore today...........
M-55 / 6' / 165lb "dripping wet with rocks in my pockets"
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