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I'm moving cross country in 2 weeks from last thursday and I've been doing a lot of thinking about a home gym and such. I have about 7-800 dollars I'm willing to spend on a home gym, and what I was planning on doing was buying a quality oly set and a couple #25 bumpers, a good squat stand and a plain bench for the wods with a benchpress in it, 3 sets of ranging kettlebells (gill athletics, buying them all together is cheaper), tyler rings and then make a bunch of equipment from scratch.

I found out though that there is a Worlds Gym about a 600 yards away that has everything except bumper weights, kettlebells, power rings, complicated gymnastics equipment, climbing rope, other plyometric equipment which isn't a problem cause I can make most of it. I think they allow olympic lifts but I'd have to be careful not to drop the weight otherwise I'd probably get into trouble.

Questions are, considering my parents are the ones paying for the gym memberships, and they aren't too eager to let me have space taken up by an oly set, should I just use the weight sets and stuff they have there and only get the kettlebells/rings/balls/ropes and stuff for home use? And, are there any wods that incorporate oly weight lifting (including the three major compound lifts) that would also have other exercises in them that involve peices of equipment that I would not be able to find in a typical gym? Thanks!
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