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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

02.07.2010 - rest day


Warmup: Row 500, situps, pushups, squats, back ext, shoulder mobility & stretch

For time:
15 pull-ups
30 clean & jerks - 135# (85#)
45 burpees
60 squats

11:33 rx 85#

Day 36 of the burpee/d-u challenge
burpees in the WOD, so 36 double unders after, 26+10 (darn!)

Loved this WOD! My pullups stank today, lats/back are still toast - later my gymmates reminded me that I did about 100 pullups after Fran on Friday (DUH! I was practicing to use more hip & stop bringing my knees up). Isn't 30 C&J "Grace"? I love Grace - all you gotta do is jump under it; something about that bar over your head in the sweet spot, just makes your back feel so good! Gym was crowded so rotator cuff stuff & stretch/foam roller at home, then calling it a day.
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