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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log


DAY 31 of the burpee/d-u challenge
31 burpees this AM, tight on time - DU's later.

Warmup: Row 250, 31 Double unders (unbroken today!), squats, pushups, situps...

Overhead squat: 6,6,6,6
Coach kept me at a low weight to work on form....

For time:
750m row
21 ghd sit-ups, 21 back extensions
500m row
15 ghd sit-ups, 15 back extensions
250m row
9 ghd sit-ups, 9 back extensions
10:40 (ghd situps to the floor, im not a good rower)

bench press.
started at 5x65# worked up to 3x105# (then my coach said that's not gonna help my pushups much so I stopped, pbly wouldn't have gone up much in weight even with singles )

3x10 Pushups w/toes on a 20" box

Handstand holds 2x1:00 (wall).

Dip negatives (only two).

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