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Re: Tim's Life Changing Workout Log

Couldn't decide whether I wanted to rest today and hit it hard tomorrow (I'm bringing two of my friends for their first time tomorrow) but I decided to man up and go!

Warm up
2 rounds

3 wall walk ups
6/6 super man squats (press with a 35 lb KB)
9 double mountain climbers


Press at 50% - 10 reps (65 lbs.)
Press at 55% - 10 reps (65 lbs.)
Press at 60% - 10 reps (75 lbs.)

I honestly don't know what my max is so this was guesswork for me. Felt light but we'll increase that.

5 rounds

5 Curtis P's (clean and jerk then lunge on both legs) 75 lbs.
5 pull ups (gray band)
5 burpees

This one sucked. Yesterday's max deadlifts hurt the quads! All in all felt ok, its amazing how out of shape I am! I get winded so fast when I do the Oly lifts! But I love it! See you all tomorrow!
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