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Re: Gettting ready for my first O-lifting meet

The meet was today. A really positive and fun event in honor of Chris Dariotis Sr., who was a major proponent of the sport in his day. He taught his son Chris Jr. to lift at age 9. Chris Dariotis Jr. is now 65, still representing the USA in Masters competitions around the world, and coaching lifters like me.

Things started out great for me, then went south in the second half. I got all three snatch attempts and made a snatch PR, but didn't fare so well on the Clean & Jerk. I made my first lift, but my second jerk smacked me in the chin, making me bite my lip. Then on the 3rd one, I was kind of scared of the bar and overcompensated in a way that made me miss that jerk too.

I followed the advice from a lot of you on here, lowering my starting attempts. That worked out fine for the snatch, but the situation with the clean and jerk was just one of those things that you can't predict. I never hit my chin in practice, but there I was nervous with a crowd of people watching, I was getting tired and sore, and sometimes **** happens.

This is why everyone who wants to practice the Olympic lifts should sign-up for a competition. It's totally unlike training. This is a demonstration of your abilities at a precise moment in time at which you need to be your very best. Having done that, and paid close attention to the technique of the other lifters, I'm going to take Olympic lifting a lot more seriously from now on.

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