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Re: Gettting ready for my first O-lifting meet

Originally Posted by Nic Nakis View Post
More good advice guys, thanks. I'm working with a coach who has been in the sport for 56 years, and his dad was a lifter and coach before him. He'll be there to count my reps and keep me on track with weights when I warm up.

I tested 1RM a couple weeks ago and got 82kg on the Clean, 62kg on the Snatch. Not very good compared to what I lifted in college, but that's where I'm at. Here's my plan:

Warmup up to 55kg
Attempt 1 60kg
Attempt 2 62kg
Attempt 3 65kg

Clean & Jerk
Warmup up to 75kg
Attempt 1 80kg
Attempt 2 82kg
Attempt 3 85kg
If your current 1RMs are 62/82, I would go 53/58/63 in the snatch, then 75/80/then whatever you want. It's your first competition, get numbers on the board. Go conservative on your openers. Try to go 6/6. That's always impressive.
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