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Re: Fastest way to RX

Originally Posted by Josh Fiebig View Post
There is no website that could ever be a substitute for good coaching. I would never attempt to replace one-on-one, personalized advice and direction with something online. I have 12 years worth of experience as a certified fitness professional. But I have also traveled significantly, and in so doing I have noticed that many people have no other options.

The Internet has become a fantastic educational resource, making knowledge and skills available to millions who would otherwise be left in the dark. With new Crossfitters, the tendency is to progress too quickly, and this exposes them to injuries. These injuries can sideline them for a long time, or inhibit their abilities to learn more complex movements.

Progressing steadily, yet carefully, is a difficult thing to accomplish. I simply want to help Crossfitters who desire to advance to do so quickly, but safely.
I would like some of you assistance you are offering, where do we go from here?
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