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Re: Villain Challenge#2

Originally Posted by Vladimir Demirev View Post
Hi Guys,

I started working towards completing villain challenge#2 (50 bodyweight squats) and am curious if someone here who has tried it can share some insight.

My BWT is 85kg and I'm following Steel's advice,i.e. week 1 2x20 @60% BW, week 2 3x20 @60% BW and so on and the test should take place on week 6 (week 5 is 5x20 @60% BW).

Thanks for sharing your experience with that.


Challenge completed!
It was not as difficult as I thought it would be and it challenged my endurance much more than my strength.

Now I'm moving to the 100 push-ups challenge, maybe will give a try in a month.

Regarding the GSLP program, I got a question on the neck harness - lastly did 4 sets x24kg x86 reps. I'm doing the harness 3 times a week and am increasing the reps by one each workout. Do I have to reduce the volume at some point to avoid overtraining? Or it's ok to go on lie that?

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