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Re: Gslp

My log is a little misleading given how many times I've been sidelined due to rugby injuries, multiple cross-country moves, etc. over the last two years. The injuries typically hurt my ability to squat/dead more than they affected my ability to do upper body lifts, but for some reason my bench and press have bounced back quickly even after layoffs.

If I remember right, at least 3 times on GSLP I would get 3 sets of 5 at 165lbs on press and 285lbs on bench, then stall at 170/290...whereas on 5/3/1 I still haven't come close to stalling on upper body lifts. Hit 4 reps on my 1+ press at 180lbs yesterday, and 8 reps on my 3+ bench at 265lbs last week. I think the highest I ever got with squats on GSLP was 360 for 3 sets of 5 which was beating me up, and in between injuries on 5/3/1 I got up to 370x4 at one point.

I don't buy the "weights aren't heavy enough to benefit from 5/3/1" argument...Wendler has posted several examples of beginners making steady (though not quite as fast as LP) gains on his program, and the whole point of the + sets and assistance work is that you're able to tax yourself sufficiently for gains.
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