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Re: Is Rich Froning the next Lance Armstrong?

Originally Posted by Luke Sirakos View Post
I'm not sure how you can say Crossfit allows people to reach higher levels gains. I don't even know what that means. Better strength gains? Nope that still goes to powerlifters. Better size gains? Nope still goes to bodybuilders. Better sprint gains? Nah sprinters still have that. Endurance gains? Endurance athletes will rule that one too.

That isn't say that the methodology is inferior, it is not specific enough to ever be superior to those who are specialists. The whole point being, saying Crossfit allows you to reach higher levels of gains is completely lacking context. Not to mention, all Crossfit athletes train under some sort of Crossfit methodology so if we have two high level Crossfitters with equal genetics and work ethic and one uses PEDs then that one will no doubt be above and beyond better than their counterpart rendering the argument of its just Crossfits superior training methodology pointless.
Here's the problem...the best at all the disciplines you listed have either tested positive for PEDs or its common knowledge they are on the.
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