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Re: Is Rich Froning the next Lance Armstrong?

Originally Posted by Struan Potter View Post
Blocks of GPP training have been used for decades long before CrossFit Santa Cruz opened.
True, quality core strength and conditioning programs were certainly used by some coaches and athletes in the past (even the distant past). Core strength and conditioning training was probably even better before the advent of Nautilus and subsequent machines in the "modern globo gym" era than it is during that still continuing but fading era. Greg Glassman in fact "invented" CrossFit by simply adopting and combining the best of what was being used out there across many disciplines of training (gymnastics, olympic lifting, power lifting, pushing and pulling sleds like they have done in football training for years, running, rowing, and so on.) So there were great coaches and athletes doing lots of things right. Failure to recognize that would be incredibly short sighted and naive.

But before CrossFit was there a clearly articulated, well defined training methodology that was made known to the general public and could be adopted by them and coaches and trainers wanting the best for the clients? No, there wasn't. Now there is--and it is allowing everyone from the highest level professional and olympic athletes in other sports, to CrossFit specific athletes, to your average 9 to 5 working stiff who just wants to stay healthy to attain levels of fitness they would not have previously reached before CrossFit and its prescription--constantly variable functional movements performed at high intensity--came onto the scene.

Back to the topic at hand of this thread--steroids. Why is CrossFit methodology so effective? One reason is that one of its primary goals is to elicit a natural neuroendocrine response through your workout. You are constantly shocking your body with short, very intense efforts which elicit such a response.

So maybe, just maybe, some of these athletes who appear superhuman--such as a 130 pound gorgeous woman overhead squatting almost twice her body weight--are just the product you get when you combine the right genetics with a relentless work ethic and what is a superior core strength and conditioning program. No pharmaceuticals needed.
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