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Re: Snatch and Traps

Some of my my favorite barbell warm ups...

8-6-4-2 reps of each
RDL or Deadlift
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Shoulder press
Back squat

#2: 5 of each
Power Snatch
Overhead squat
Back squat
Good Morning
Push Jerk
Bent Row

#3: 8 of each
Power Snatch
OH squat
Good Morning

4 rounds of 2 reps of each;
Snatch, snatch balance, overhead squat
Snatch, overhead squat, SOTS press
clean, push press, push jerk
Clean, Front Squat, Front squat SOTS

Favorite mobility moves of mine include "First Rib" from KStar, Indian Wall Press, and Banded Overhead Stretch.

Also look into banded pressing (accommodating resistance) with small bands on the barbell. It's been helping my shoulders a LOT.
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