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Alright.. I'm new to the discussion board.. Obviously I've been exposed to crossfit, and love the concept. Here's my delema.
I'm a stay at home mom, and I can't get to a crossfit gym nor afford the fees every month.
I have a home made kettlebell, an olympic bar with weights. a pull up bar, and lots of floor space.
I'm 31, and weigh 147... I'm 5'2 and I know I need to lose at least 25lbs.

What do you think is "normal" weight loss in a week 1,2,3 lbs..

I've always been active, but in the past few years have slowly put on some weight that I know doesn't belong there.. I've been down to 113 after my daughter was born, but I wasn't "strong".... just skinning from all the breast feeding. I'm short and stalkg and have bigger claves then my husband. Played soccer, waterpolo, and rockclimbed.. sedentary life has set in, and we have kids now.
How do I modify the WOD's with what I can do at home if I don't have the right equipment??
Thanks in advance for your advice
I know I just need to GET OFF MY BUTT!

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