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Brad Hirakawa
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That is a good point, thank you for bringing it up. I'll ask the nutritionist. It would make sense to have a bit more given that Crossfit folks sweat like crazy. Right now I'm staying below 2500mg/day.


No more deli meat or canned fish. I'm also supposed to avoid red meat. I eat a lot of fish and chicken now a days, egg whites, and a ton of nuts and seeds.

Intersesting that the dietary guidelines for kidney folks include lots of Omega-3's. Some studies have shown that they help reduce inflammation and progression. Not sure if it's the Omega-3's alone, or beause they help to bring the Omega-6 / Omega-3 ratio to a healthier level.

Long live fish and flax oil.

One wonders what other disease conditions are exacerbated (or caused?), by low levels of omega-3's in the diet.

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