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Re: Help me spend $5K for mil PT program

Originally Posted by Mike Wright View Post
Thanks for the info. Why were you unable to bolt to the wall? I am considering a wall mount unit.
Some BS with having to get civil engineering approval to "modify the structure" of our building (the actual gym is under an open overhand with concrete block walls). We weren't gonna bolt to the ground either and were gonna attach the R3 to plywood and roll like that, but our Commander decided we could attach it to the ground because in his judgment the concrete sidewalk isn't part of the "structure" and there was no reason why we couldn't make reasonable accommodation to make the mission happen. He's the freakin' man basically.

We were gonna go with the Rogue W-4 rack because it was cheaper but no biggie, the R3 rocks. (WFS)

Also, Again Faster has good looking military packages that are all $2,999 (max single purchase on GSA card). Looks like you don't have that limitation but it's indicative that they have experience working with mil customers. They have 5 packages, and if you ask me I like Charlie the best, gets you bars, weights, and squat stands. Other stuff can be added as necessary with that other $2K you have. Enjoy! Again, WFS on link...

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