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Re: Help me spend $5K for mil PT program

Originally Posted by Adam Dunn View Post
Yea man, I think you're the one who needs to "write a CFJ article" or "do a study" or whatever on the method you recommended because I'm betting most of us on here subscribe and have read the studies that show that CF works. That's why we all do crossfit, because it works.

To the point, we recently spend ~$3K to outfit our new gym and got a custom quote from Rogue. Ended up with a R3 rack, a beater bar, a bunch of bumpers, a 1 pood kettlebell, a rogue flat bench, a 20lb med ball, a set of rogue rings, and a C2 rower. Also bought a big a$$ fan since the gym is outdoors as well as horse stall mats to cover the concrete.

Great for our needs which was 2-3 dudes training at a time max so obviously for you needing to train more peeps recommend no rower (minus $900 right there) and get more bars and weights to get everyone lifting at least. Rings are cheap and very useful, you could probably do a pullup/rack solution cheaper than the R3 if you can bolt a rack to the wall (we could not), and I'd focus on things like jump ropes, med balls, etc. that are multi-use and you can get a bunch without breaking the bank.

Anyways, Rogue had GSA pricing and they were great to work with. I've also bought from Wright and Christian's Fitness Factory for my personal garage gym and they were both great as well.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info. Why were you unable to bolt to the wall? I am considering a wall mount unit.
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