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Joe, Greg:
during my weekend afternoon naps,whenever I can sneak one in, I wear a sleep mask, hooded sweatshirt and earplugs. Nothing puts me in a deeper sleep faster than this. I put a digital egg timer by my head so that I can hear it when it goes off. Thus my naps are timed. Funny, my life is so busy at times that I even have to schedule timed appointments for my naps. But when I wake I feel a whole lot better and re-energized. It's sort of like combat naps. I never knew there were so many issues concerning sunlight or light in general even in the home during the sleep cycle but I wear the hood because it's gives a more snuggly feel. Yeah that's right....I'm a big baby. But hey, whatever works, right? You could try darker shades. At least that way they will be more fashionable than duct-taped blankets.:happy:
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