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Greg Battaglia
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Joe, I only wish that it was as easy as putting on a mask and getting the full benefit, but unfortunately it's not. In Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival the authors make it pretty clear that the sight of light AND the actual effect of light touching the skin will inhibit melatonin release, therefore causing an unfavorable hormonal response. I believe they referenced a study in which test subject who were sleeping in a completely dark room had a very small laser the size of a pencil point aimed at their skin saw a reduction in melatonin levels. So it seems that even the smallest amount of light can disrupt sleep. What I personally do is just put my blinds down, close my bedroom door, and put the covers over my head to block out light. This works great and I sleep very well. If you're sleeping well now I don't see much of a reason to put any more effort into blocking out light.
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