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Re: Can anybody help me out on cages?

One way to have band assistance without choking the band on the chin-up bar and risking a painful face or nut shot is to run the band(s) horizontally between the uprights at the desired height for specific resistance. That way, the same band can be used for varied resistance (moved vertically or feet placed wider or narrower on the band), multiple bands maybe set up at the same time for scaled progression or different level athletes. Much easier to enter and exit from, (feet don't get caught in the bands when trying to exit). We have looped them over the j-cups, and although it works for a while, the bands (being a perishable tool in your box), will wear out over time rubbing on the steel corners of the j-cups if they are not padded. Another solution is to use bolt on rubber rollers like we do in our training center, which double as j-cups, and a wonderful set up for band pull-up stations. I will try to post a video soon of this set up. We will have these available for our BaseFit system soon, as we have found it to be very effective over the last few years. Lots of new stocked pieces for the BaseFit system coming very soon, stay tuned. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, feel free to give me a call 803 750 9039 or email

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