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Re: Can anybody help me out on cages?

Elite is going to be expensive. It is great stuff, don't get me wrong, one of two or three companies, Rogue and Sorinex being the other two, that makes really bomb-proof stuff.

Why not just get a standard squat cage and use bands for pull-up assistance? In a lot of ways that will give you a superior workout anyway, and open up a ton of options that are better made and more economical? [See Rogue's R-3 and R-4 racks as well as Sorinex's stuff] You can loop a band around the pull-up bar and then stick a foot in it to provide assistance.

I know that can be kind of intimidating, it scares the heck out of my girlfriend [she's worried it will fly off and snap her] but it works, doesn't really hurt if it does snap and is probably cheaper.
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