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Re: Question for Police Officers-not fitness related

Depending on where you work (or how large of an agency), there might be a whole spectrum of job assignments available after a few years on the job: detective, traffic, mounted, marine, SWAT, training academy, crime prevention, community, evidence tech (CSI), narcotics, technology, etc. But if you bank on getting one of those assignments, and don't get it...then poor you. Long career ahead.

When you get put into an assignment/specialty that you enjoy, it's not even like work. But when you're in a bad assignment, it's dreadful.

I've been fortunate to score a most excellent assignment. Now if you'd force me into something like Monday through Friday day watch, doing CSI or traffic unit, I'd probably be writing about how much I hated my career choice.

But right now, look at the economy. I have only a couple words to explain how I feel about unemployment and 401Ks: JOB SECURITY and PENSION. Almost makes working Thanksgiving and Christmas worth it.

Best of luck in your endeavors!
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