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Re: Your 2010 Crossfit Games competitor "Power Trio Of Hotness" list

I like the shout out to Annie. I really like her smile, and I love how she flashes that smile in the middle of the most GRUELING workouts. It's a reminder to all of us that sometimes in the middle of the suck we've got to pause and reflect about why we do this, and about how being fit and seeing what we are really capable of is one of the best things we can do to feel alive.

Originally Posted by Yahya Kohgadai View Post
don't worry.. you can say pretty much anything as long as you include that "no homo" addendum. LOL.
Yeah, of course "I would totally jump in bed with Froning and hit that, but you know, no homo"

Reminds me of a line that, I think, is from The 40 Year Old Virgin where one of the male characters goes "I'd do him. A guy THAT good looking? That's not ***, that's just SMART"

I would also like to remind people to keep this upbeat and positive. No criticizing or using other wonderful CFers as counter examples, please. So, please no "this person has great legs, unlike so-and-so"
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