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Re: Games Move to Madison

My wife is from Madison so I have spent a lot of time there. I absolutely love it. I really think it will be a great place to have the Games. Plenty of great options for venues, and with a bunch of nice lakes to choose from as well as many miles of trails, I think there are some unique options for swim/run type events too.

I hope everyone will give it a chance before rushing to judgement. Madison isn't some little hick town in backwoods Wisconsin. Great food + beer scene, beautiful downtown, amazing lakes + nature...I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

Weather wise, the temperatures probably won't be quite as high (usually ~80 degrees F at that time of year) but it does get humid. However it could just as easily be 70 degrees, or 95...a lot more variability there than in SoCal.

The biggest downside is the airport situation, since the Dane County airport is very small. But Chicago and Milwaukee are nearby.

My hat is off to Castro for going off the beaten path a bit. I'm sure it is a risk for them in some ways, but man is it great to get some love for the midwest!
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