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Re: Basement Workouts & The Traveling Road Show

110222 Crossfit Sweat- Springfield VA (wfs)

Walking in to Crossfit Sweat feels kind of like walking into a friend’s living room. That's how comfortable the atmosphere is there. I was greeted by the facility's two unofficial mascots, a big black standard poodle named Grace (go figure) and George and Alicia’s young daughter. Every person there made a point to introduce themselves and welcome me to their facility. You really get the feeling that they are all one big Crossfit Family. If I lived in the Springfield area and was nervous about starting Crossfit and feeling out of place, or self-conscious about my physical abilities, this is exactly the type of environment that I would want to learn in.

We started off with some stretching and mobility exercises, one I had never done before was laying on your back on the floor with your butt against the wall and your feet on the wall in a squat position, then pushing outwards on your knees…holy crap..I’m going to be putting that one in the rotation…

At 5:30 we started with (2) rounds of the following warmup:
5 chest to bar pullups
7 Burpees
10 jumping squats

Then we did about 10 minutes of coaching on proper technique for the snatch and then some instruction on the clean & jerk while we warmed up and gradually added some weight to get ready for the WOD

We then moved on to the WOD:

30 Clean and Jerk for time …I scaled to 95 pounds and posted 4:04 on the board

I’d like to give special thanks to my training buddy Chika for pushing me on. I had a fantastic time with the whole Crossfit Sweat Family. George, Alicia, and JL are great people and I look forward to training with them again if I’m ever back in Springfield.
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Traveling Road Show
My Basement Pain Cave

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