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Re: knee stability

Originally Posted by David Barnes Langston Jr View Post
My feet are flat and tend to evert. I have consciously over the years walked pigeon-toed because I don't like the knock-kneed look. I imagine this sounds very odd. I have an orthopedic doctor appointment this morning so I hope to find out something then. I agree with your assessment.

I had the same problem. Flat and everted feet. Itís not supposed to be that way and itís fixable (regaining your arch naturally and rotating the feet, tibia, and femur back to neutral). And the fact that you consciously walk pigeon-toed may sound odd to some but makes sense to me. That gait more closely resembles functional movement and is an attempt to restore alignment.

Did you find anything out from your doctor this morning?

The reason I ask is, I am working with a team in Boulder, CO to spread the word about a solution to this misalignment issue. Itís a self-therapy technique that got me back in the box pain-free after my shoulder and neck injuries, and literally got my friend out of a wheelchair and CrossFitting again. It restores functional alignment to correct dysfunctions in posture like you and I have experienced--wherever these dysfunctions may manifest. It's similar to Kelly Starrett's MobilityWOD, but focuses on the body as a unit to solve pain and alignment issues.

Would you be open to talking more one-on-one? You can e-mail me at
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