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Re: knee stability

Originally Posted by Michael Hollister View Post

This sounds like it could be a case of poor alignment, causing your knee(s) to want to buckle somewhat inward during lunges/box steps. Your knees should want to bend directly out over your feet/ankles. If they trend inward, it seems to makes sense that things would feel unstable, and it would cause unnecessary wear on some ligaments/tendons and cause inflammation.

Do you happen to have any lower back pain too? How are the arches on your feet? What about your posture overall? One good test is to close your eyes, march in place for a few steps, so you get to a natural standing position, then open your eyes and look at your feet. Are your feet perfectly parallel, or are one/both everted?

The reason I ask is I had pain and instability too (in my shoulder) and found out that poor alignment in my hips from working a desk job was throwing my shoulders out of whack and causing pain.
My feet are flat and tend to evert. I have consciously over the years walked pigeon-toed because I don't like the knock-kneed look. I imagine this sounds very odd. I have an orthopedic doctor appointment this morning so I hope to find out something then. I agree with your assessment.
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