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Re: Crossfit skills for 2013 Open

Originally Posted by Sebastian B. Vaneria View Post
Two major skills that separated many competitors over the last two years in the Open were chest-to-bar pull-ups and toes-to-bar. Not just the ability to do a few reps, but the ability to handle a bunch of volume. I can do 15-20 toes-to-bar when I'm fresh. But, during the Open, when the heart rate is jacked and the body is fatigued, I found sets of 9 to be very challenging. Same thing with chest-to-bar pull-ups. The top competitors were able to stay on the bar during the thruster/pull-up workout whereas the average competitor had to start breaking up reps early. In terms of skills, I would highlight those two in your training for next year's Open.

The other two skills we've seen are muscle-ups and double-unders.
Well those are two skills I actually have a head start on. I don't do kipping pullups but I do alot of regular and chest to bar along with bar muscle-ups. I'm planning to lose some more bodyfat as I go which should also help. I worked up to 3 sets of 10 toes to bar with a minute rest this winter/spring so I've got a base there. I have a set of rings and hope the bar muscle-ups will help translate to the rings. Never done a doulble-under.
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