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Re: Crossfit skills for 2013 Open

Originally Posted by Mauricio Leal View Post
As a rule you should develop great skills in all the standard movements. It takes so little relative effort to double your efficiency in double unders or wall balls, for example, than to add even 10% to your Back Squat. Oly lifting will take longer to get good at, along with the few higher level gymnastics things. Bottom line is there is no excuse for lacking skills in the Open because the stuff they can program is limited and therefore predictable.

You didn't post any of your metcon numbers, but chances are you need better metcon, as that is what the Open emphasizes. Strength will only carry you so far. There are adaptations to being able to do lots of reps of movements that you're already technically good at, so even strength + skill is not enough. I wouldn't hold back to excluding movements or time domains for at least a while. Try some of the Open workouts from 2011 and 2012. They are a great starting point for seeing how you will probably do in 2013. Now is the time to expose your weaknesses and then come up with a plan to address them, be it the oly lifting, or the 20 min time domain, which is bound to come up. You can play with more targeted programming once you know your weaknesses.

You should check out POSE/barefoot running styles, as knee pain is a sure sign that your current running technique is hurting you. Good luck!
Hey Mauricio, thanks for the quick response. We don't really do alot of specific CF metcon workouts. We do alot of tire flips, KB swings, burpees, box jumps, sled drags, sledgehammer strikes and accessory barbell movements. Whatever seems fun at the time. We do record and try to improve the #'s though. Just don't do alot of CF skills.

Definately know my metcon #'s will need to improve, oly lifting, and the specific skills. Was hoping that as I get more comfortable with the oly lifts and some of the skills I can do some of the classic workouts and start comparing #'s with other competive guys around my age.

Actually planning on working in Oly lifts starting next week, but didn't know what other skills have a really long learning curve.

I've seen the POSE and it looks interesting. ACL's shot I think and I got a big old Baker's cyst behind my knee. Never bothers me with jumping, squatting or DL'ing. Just gets really swollen with any jogging, running, sprinting.

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