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Crossfit skills for 2013 Open

Hey folks. First I want to thank all the contributors to this board as there is some great advice I've gotten from this forum.

I want to compete in the Open next year. Even though I'm 40 and probably wont be super competitive in my division its something I would like to do and think I would be good at.

I work out in my garage and have a pretty good CF setup. My wife and I have basically been doing strength work followed by small metcons (>15 mins) for the past 9 months or so. I realized this past winter that my knee cant take much running at all so I haven't been doing any running at all. I plan on getting it fixed this Oct/Nov during my slow work time.

My strength numbers are decent. DL 450 SQ 360 Bench 315 OHP 190 at 5'11 and 210 with around 15% bodyfat. I want to continue towards my long term strength goals of 500/400/325/BW and hope to get them in the next year or so. I also want to start implementing the Olympic lifts soon and hope that with my strength already up I can advance quickly as I learn technique. I plan to video and post as I learn on these boards and maybe take a class or two at a local box.

My main question is about the specific CF skills and how long they take to get decent at. Should I start working on kipping pullups, ring muscle ups, double unders, HSPU's, rope climbs, etc now to prepare for the 2013 Open. Which skills are more difficult to get down and which only take a couple months to get the hang of? As the Open gets closer I plan on upping my Metcon lengths and focusing on Oly lifts and CF skills. I'm just wondering what do I need to start working on now in order to be relatively prepared for 2013?

I stubbornly want to do most of this on my own in my garage and outdoor gym and design my own programming with the help of these forums and other sites (love Mason's site, CFFB, Lift Strong, Run Fast, etc).
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