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Re: Amateur division

If they didn't care about the Masters they wouldn't even have those age divisions, but they do. The Open is still really in its infancy. It takes time to build additional structure. You adapt as it grows and cannot anticipate all the changes in growth and participation ahead of time, so it takes time. The age divisions are in fact growing in structure this year, with the mini-regionals added.

My point, made in an earlier post, is that the perceived advantages of coaches and box owners is not as significant as some would imagine. They do not have the advantages of pro athletes with a paid salary for working out, people preparing many of their meals, a medical staff, trainers and massage therapists, and so on. Most have other jobs--and running a business (even if it is a CrossFit box) and coaching others is physically and mentally draining.
Sure there are some advantages to working at a box full time--I would love to have 2 hours free mid-morning at my place of work to get in my own workout--but the advantages are far from what would make me think there needs to be a separate "pro" division for your every day coaches and box owners.
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