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David Wood
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It's not quite as simple as a download, but what I've been doing is:

(1) Use the mouse (hold the primary button down) to select the whole "center column" of the Main Page. This selects the current 7 days of WODs, with commentary, pictures, everything

(2) Copy this material (usually available through an "edit" option, or with an icon, or via a right-click (depends on what browser you're using).

(3) Go to your preferred word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) and paste everything you just copied.

(4) Delete everything but the essential text instructions (i.e., delete the pictures, links, etc.)

The resulting document will usually print on only one page. I sometimes do this if I want to see my entire upcoming week at once (I usually work about 4 or 5 days behind).

If you want a paper copy of an entire month's worth of WODs, you can follow the same strategy using the links to the monthly archives (on the right of the main page).

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