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Re: Anyone tried Blonyx?

I mean, the starting rate is not too bad, but do I personally believe that this rate of improvement will continue indefinitely, or over the course of a year, so that the compounding effect that you describe can take place?

I personally do not believe so. Just like gaining 4lb while creatine loading over a month, doesn't mean you'll gain 48lb over a year, or 96lb over 2 years.

If those gains continued in the long-term, are you kidding me, I'd jump on this stuff.

I deadlift 445 at a BW of 194lb (I know, working on it). If I got 1.4% per week for the next year, I'd deadlift
445*(1.014)^52 = 915lb a year from now. I think Chris Mason better watch out

Like I said, the results are consistent, but I don't think the extra benefit is worth the price. I am just not that rich.
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