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Re: Back squat form check, please?

Originally Posted by Júlíus Magnússon View Post
I'm not sure whether you're trying to do a low bar back squat (Rippetoe style) or an Olympic high bar squat... Kinda looks like some kind of hybrid.

They also seem very "wobbly" for lack of a better word. Have you been experiencing any knee pain?

In any case, you're not reaching proper depth. My guess is that you're not getting much hamstring involvement out of these either, am I correct? (Where do you feel sore after heavy squats?)

The quickest way, in my opinion, though would be to just read Starting Strength to learn how to squat.
Good question to start. I wasn't particularly trying for either. I just want to back squat. (Honestly didn't know the differences between them).

My knees don't hurt.

Almost all quads after squatting.

SS, it is. I had ordered a copy from someone on these boards at the beginning of August, but the USPS lost it, so I never got it. Guess I'll be ordering from Amazon or something tonight.

Thank both of you for not being buttholes about it.
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