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Re: STD's and homosexuality

My point, Derek, is that your article is printed in a Catholic journal. It is not a medical journal. It is printed in the "Catholic Education Resource Center". I was trying to be discreet. Since you are calling me out. I will stop being discreet. David has already scolded me about mentioning religion so I can't really do that, but you are essentially doing that by citing religious propaganda against homosexuality here. So I see this entire thread being dumped here pretty soon.

The main gist of the article is that homosexual sex is, by its very nature, dirty and immoral. The article is stating that homosexuality consists solely of acts of depravity in which bodily fluids, fecal matter, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses are transmitted. These acts are solely acts and not relationships and if you think they are part of a relationship, think again because this is clearly contradicted by the anecdotal experiences of a lesbian actor and singer as clearly shown in the appendix.

For one, this characterization, although may have some basis in truth (because it pretty much characterizes casual sex of all kinds), as a charaterization of the population as a whole is pure hogwash.

Oh, and we forgot to leave out the years of social and psychological abuse and isolation from not only strangers, but their friends and families that makes **** afraid to come out and actually form lasting relationships.

It might make parents afraid that there kids are experimenting with *** sex. It should also make them afraid that their middle schoolers are already engaging in oral sex and mutual masturbation. This is also creeping down into fourth and fifth grades. Don't worry about the homosexuals, worry about the sex.

Sorry, the priest issue is relevant. Anytime this very influential governing body is going to beat anyone over the head with their ideas about sex, they damn well better be able to answer for their sins. Don't tow the party line. Why don't you do some research on why priest were required to be celibate to begin with. I'll give you a hint, it had a lot to do with money.