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Re: STD's and homosexuality

Originally Posted by Eric Neri View Post
Is it surprising that most cases of STD's would be spread by heterosexuals when heterosexuals are about 98% of the population? Even if the 90-95% figure, which seems to have no reference and in my opinion is debatable, is true, that would still leave homosexuality at about 2.5 to 5 times it's population share. Assuming, of course, that the hetero/homo percentages are the same in Africa as they are in the U.S.

Originally Posted by Jill Zimmerman View Post
Hijack: I am currently too lazy to read this link, forgive me but all this stuff applies to any sexual orientation don't you think? Why pick *** sex risk? :stir: ??
For reasons that would become more clear if you would please read the article.

Originally Posted by Sara Fleming View Post
This individual made a lot of faulty conclusions based on incomplete evidence and false assumptions. Its a propaganda piece disguised as medical advice.

I would like to see a similar paper published by this organization on why they think so many of their representatives have sexually abused so many children and why they've covered it up time and time again.

Not cool.

Please expand on that first paragraph. It's not very precise.

Your second point is irrelevant to the situation at hand, but I would point out that what you're talking about is purposefully overblown by the media and always presented as a child molestation problem rather than a problem with homosexuals (as the case often is). Not to mention the cases that are only brought up after many, many years or after the priest's death, allowing an easy (and easily false) accusation and compensation.

But plainly, your second point was simply an attempt at a character assassination and highly irrelevant.

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