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Re: STD's and homosexuality

Hijack: I am currently too lazy to read this link, forgive me but all this stuff applies to any sexual orientation don't you think? Why pick *** sex risk? :stir: ??

In my ten years of cradle robbing I have found that yonger guys seems to be MUCH more interested in anal sex than anybody ever was in my "generation". Go to free porn sites nothing but anal and guys getting oral sex all day long. Seems to me hetero couples aren't really doing anything less risky than homosexual couples.

The anonymous sex or casual sex is rampant everywhere, just look at the NSA section of Craig's List M for W. If you don't know the sexual background of your partner and see some paper blood test results and assume they are faithful to you - you are taking a risk. Is it worth it? Sometimes I wonder. I assumed the guy I spent 6 years with was faithful to me. He came back after me while with ngf? Hmm wonder if he was doing that to me? maybe not ogf before me was killed in a wreck. I have been tested for everything under the sun since.

I met a guy who had a woman coming over twice a week to give him oral sex and he was driving an hour away to get laid too. He decided he would like to be a one woman man and I was a potential candidate. I asked him if he had every been tested for STDs and he said NO why would he? He said that he had never done anything "wrong" and he could not possibly have any diseases and he knew what these women weren't doing anthing risky when not with him. OMG what an idiot.

Condoms are not fool proof. You should see the picture my sister (dental hygenist) showed me of HPV in someone's mouth. Rare but how gross. Ever known anyone to actually use a dental dam while performing oral sex on a woman? Nice idea but ick and oral sex on a man with a condom on, further ick.

I know a dozen people with herpes who don't tell and possibly infect their partners. I know 3 people that have HPV. One has given it to many women. The gift that keeps on giving. How can you trust someone you don't know? 25% roughly of people out there have something or another. Have 25% of your lovers admitted to something? Wow isn't that cool that you have managed to beat the odds. Somebody's either thinking it's no big deal because it is not currently active or they don't know or they are aysmptomatic or they are just plain lying sacks of sh*t.

AIDS I think is considered like a chronic aliment now because you can live a long time if you take a big cocktail of drugs everyday but if you think it's not out there you are *****ing nuts.

Casual sex on TV like on Two and a Half Men (which I love it's funny as hell) is really risky. And it is a shame that TV does not promote safer sex. It's safer people not safe. You can still get AIDS, HPV and herpes even using condoms. I am not bothering talking about drug curable stuff like the clap etc.

I used to tell my daughters put your big head to toe rubber suit on please. Told my littlest kid to keep his penis to himself, he is too young for sex. I hope he's not getting blown in the bathroom which is rampant in middle school. Sigh, scary times we live in.

Be careful out there.

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