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F. . .When I was a young guy, I joined my highschool gymnastics team. six feet tall and about 185 was not the best size for a gymnast. I worked handstands every day, ususally against the closet door and started with quarter HSPU. I usually finshed with some negatives. Also work presses to handstands and headstand press to handstand. Any oppurtunity you have you should be kicking up ro a free handstands, point your toes tight back, hollow stomach, compete against yourself for time holding the handstand. Personally I never liked spotting belts, I felt they inhibited movement. I was in highschool in the 70s at the time we did not have spotting pits filled with foam, so my dislike of stopping belts often had me slamming into the mats, face, knees, and hands first.
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